SOL SALLEE / Painter & Illustrator



Born in Vancouver, Sol learned to draw from children's books, comics, and a thriving addiction to classic illustration, sequential art, and anime. He attended the IDEA program for design and illustration in North Vancouver and now works full-time as an artist, illustrator for the games and animation industries in Vancouver. Sol believes that imagination and experimentation drive every aspect of his art, and that therein lays the challenge and reward.



"Burlesque", Artifact Gallery, San Francisco

"Drawuary", Red Gate Gallery, Vancouver

"Drawn Festival", Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver


"The New Collagegraphers", Red Gate Gallery, Vancouver

"Return to the 36 Chambers:The Return", Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver

"Twitter/Social Media", Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver

"Successive Breeds", UBC AMS Art Gallery, Vancouver


"Across the Board", Chapel Arts Gallery, Vancouver

"Show Us Your Munny, Vol. 2", the Modern, Vancouver

"The Cheaper Show No. 8", Storyeum Gastown, Vancouver

"Gaff Gallery Closing Party", Gaff Gallery, Vancouver


"Afterlife", solo show at Lemonade Tactical HQ, Vancouver